Better Than Playing Mortal Kombat With A Friend In Vietnam!


In the past I’ve been known to speak disparagingly about the internet, what with the kitten videos and the general promotion of a solitary, sedentary existence.  Indeed, it’s a pretty ridiculous thing for someone writing a blog to complain about the internet, but my comeuppance is only stings that much more acutely with the discovery of  I’ve been working on some music of my own over the past few months, and as is a common problem in New York, I don’t have access to a drummer.  Yes, of course there are drummers in New York, but considering the constraints on space and the patience of neighbors it seems like drummers are a rare commodity, especially those who have access to an affordable space in which they can be decently recorded.  Voxengo’s core business is plug-ins and samples, but also offer a custom drum service; for $59.95 I was able to get a totally awesome, professionally recorded drum part for a track I’m working on.  I filled out a short questionnaire and uploaded mp3s for the track minus drums, the scratch drum track and the click track and he was good to go.  And fast- I had some issues with the file sizes I had bounced out; he had to wait longer for me to get him the corrected versions than I had to wait for him to send me a preview of what he had done.  You have the option of sending him back to try again if you don’t like the preview, but I thought he nailed it.  Granted, I wasn’t asking him to do any crazy Tony Williams stuff on it, but that’s no aspersion on him; I gave him my silly little indie-sounding track and he came back with a drum part I thought was really great.  Here’s the unmixed, unedited track with his drums:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Why the Cable Guy reference?  ‘Cause the dude’s in the Belarus!  Thanks to the information superhighway I’m now an active participant in the global village!  And I don’t even feel like an asshole about it!  I know I’m about fifteen years late in admitting this, but yes, you can find actually cool and useful stuff on the internet.  Above was a link to the voxengo site, here’s the link for custom drums.


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